Janine was born in Vancouver, Canada. She lived in different parts of the country for the first two and half decades of her life before returning to the city of her birth.  She holds a Master degree in Fine Art from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. 


Major influences to her visual vocabulary include Paul Klee, William Turner, James Abott McNeil Whistler, and The Group of Seven (including Emily Carr).   Fellow artist and studio mate, Ronan Boyle, has also inspired her work.


Janine works with subtle colours and ephermal themes on large scale panel boards and canvases (see artist statement below).  Resin, cold and hot (encaustic) wax, and other thick, texturous mediums frequent her work.  The pieces have been described as whimsical, dream-like, feminine, and inviting and understated.


Often concerned with environmental degradation, geo-politics, the affects of a war-based economy, women's perspectives, and spirituality, Janine's work captures many important ideas and communicates them in her art.


Currently, Janine sells her work to dealers and designers in the Vancouver area, and completes private commissions.  She has recently begun to rent her work to high-end home staging projects and the film industry. 


Artist Statement

Exploring themes of the ephemeral and the ethereal, the subtle and the subdued, my work captures soft moments and glimpses into stillness- a striking and welcome contrast to the harsh realities of our current global climate.  The product is not intended as an escape from the circumstances of our time, yet is meant to give pause.  In contrasting the play of very light and subtle marks on large, stark surfaces, my art gently and playfully invites viewers to engage with the colour and movement, and lends space for reflection.


Janine M. Ray



Recent Publications


House and Home Magazine, March 2017


Style at Home (Canada), October 2017


Western Living, November 2017